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What to say? A life long New Yorker from the Bronx about which Ogden Nash famously said, “no thonx." Thonx Ogden.*


After thirty-five years of acting like an ad salesman at Time Magazine, Mike retired. And while looking for something else to act like, began acting like a voiceover guy.

In 2010, having never been on a stage, Mike auditioned for what he thought was a  reading , and was given the role of the “bigoted father” Roger White in the COOP Theater East production of Decadent Acts. Uhm........ It was not a reading. Oops!


Well, although he had never acted like an “actor”, he figured, “how hard could it be?"
Mike has spent the intervening years finding out, at The Einhorn School of Performing Arts at Primary Stages (ESPA).


He has recently stopped wondering why none of this could have occurred about fifty years ago. Instead, he is to busy having a ball “ an Actor."​


*Also by Ogden Nash thirty-three years later:

I wrote those lines, "The Bronx

No thonx";
I shudder to confess them.

Now I'm an older, wiser man
I cry, "The Bronx? God bless

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